We have always envisioned a place where eco building and art are at the forefront of everything we do. A place where we could invite others to learn, create, connect, and simply be. A place that reminds us there are infinite possibilities when creating both art and your life.

We have found this place….and we are calling it New Sky Ranch.


New Sky’s bones are those of an old settler’s homestead in the San Luis Valley that dates back to the early 1900’s. Nestled up against the Rio Grande National Forest, it is a high mountain desert oasis that holds the original dance hall of the county and a whole lot of history.

With water, several dilapidated structures, incredible views, and many acres of wide open space, the potential is truly endless. We have lots of ideas…and lots of work ahead of us.

We are currently fixing up what is already on the property for an eco-experiential retreat as well as a space for like minded artists to take refuge and create magic on the land. We currently have our workshop and studio space up and running as well as the first of several livable structures completed – an 100 year old rehabbed miners cabin using Hempcrete and other natural materials. We also have begun hosting our first artist/maker residents who are using the shop space and land to bring their own creations to life. Over time, we have dreams of permaculture farming, eco building workshops, community collaboration, and the ability to host gatherings – however, we are committed to taking it all one step at a time and allowing only what is meant to be to unfold. For now it is simply our home, a maker space for art and experimental eco building, a gathering spot for friends and a quiet Hipcamp & AirBnb spot.


We have many ideas, but also are excited for spontaneous collaborations. As we begin to define exactly what New Sky will one day offer, we are keeping space for our community to help create the vision. Whether you are a builder, artist, musician, perma-cultarist, activist, community mover, or simply an epic human that wants to visit, we invite you to be a part of the New Sky story and share your ideas.

What we are sure of is that New Sky will evolve over the years to embody the following principles:

A place to LEARN.

With so many land and structure rehab projects comes opportunities to learn about environmentally conscious building, regenerative systems, and their accompanying philosophies. We want to teach you what we know and learn what you have to share.

A place to CREATE.

We believe everyone is an artist. We invite you to not only help with the creations we have planned, but also utilize the space to bring your own beauty to life. We are excited to explore more artist residencies and art retreats in the coming years. Feel free to contact us with your ideas.

A place to CONNECT.

Building together, creating together & dreaming together is key. However, getting in tune with one’s self is equally as important. So whether it is collaborating with the community or providing a space to be alone, we want New Sky to be a place of deep connection.

A place to BE.

We welcome people from all walks of life – respecting wherever you came from and wherever you are trying to go. We encourage you to get involved with projects on the property and offer opportunities to stay here through Hipcamp & AirBnb spot.


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